Where to say “I do”

I was recently asked to provide some industry feedback to a publication printing a story about a hotel’s special wedding packages designed for same-sex couples. In some ways, I hate to see the need to create these packages since the stereotype of flamboyant “gay weddings” with pink boas, glitter falling from the ceiling and house music playing in the background should be a thing of the past. Then, after learning that many weddings in the deep south include rolling around in the mud with pigs, suddenly even the stereotypical gay wedding of the past seems fairly “normal.”

However, it’s great seeing the travel giants like Travelocity, Expedia, Starwood Hotels, Marriott Hotels and a growing number of more industry leaders simply reaching out to the gay community in an effort to pave the way for this very influential demographic when it comes to the travel and tourism industries. This is helpful when locating the destinations and properties that will best suit the needs of today’s gay traveler interested in luxury amenities and accommodations within a “friendly” environment…

Gay Weddings - Cake

Beginning with the battle being fought (and often won) to simply be able to marry throughout many parts of the world, more and more gay couples are now saying “I do.” The question becomes “where” – where is the best place for friends and family to be together and where is the best venue for this special day. In the US, there was a surge of fantastic Wedding Packages offered to same-sex couples back in mid-2011, and we are continuing to see a growing number of wedding packages, destination wedding packages and companies who cater to same-sex wedding planning. Last year, The W New York even presented the happy couple with a honeymoon vacation to their amazing W Vieques sister-property. Fortunately, there are too many amazing wedding locations and packages available today to possibly feature all of the hotels who will go above and beyond to cater to these same-sex weddings, but several worth highlighting include:








It seems that most of these packages are being offered in the greater New York area, but they certainly exist in most larger cities when looking for a great hotel venue nearby, or a destination wedding worldwide. Even Tokyo Disney has been making headlines with their personalized same-sex wedding packages. It’s simple marketing in many cases, where hotels will offer packages to compete and attract new guests, so it’s increasingly important to do your homework to find not only an amazing location, but also a consultant or hotel contact that makes a connection with you, and understands the importance of your wedding day. If you are getting married, or have a great wedding destination or hotel to share, please comment here, or find us on Facebook and/or Twitter