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The cooler weather is upon us, and a great time to find a few days for a quick getaway. I am sure we have all heard numerous horror stories associated with the Caribbean destinations and hotels not being at all LGBT-friendly. Personally, it’s shocking to learn of major resorts refusing to acknowledge gay couples on their honeymoon… and that’s just one of the many insulting stories I’ve heard recently. Fortunately, it seems to be a growing trend for certain destinations and hotels to be reaching out to the LGBT community in an effort to change this perception.

Gay Curacao - Living With Style, Tetu

A great example of this is the philosophy behind Curaçao Tourism Board’s marketing campaign and detailed website, “Gay Curaçao’s – We Live and Let Live.” With over thirty white sand beaches, luxury hotels and villas, a championship golf course, Dutch and Caribbean inspired restaurants, amazing activities and friendly locals, you’re sure to create a vacation getaway that best suits you! It’s obviously not a destination with Beverly Hills shopping or Manhattan dining, but ideal for a quiet and relaxing getaway. Amazingly, this intimate island destination has the largest number if IGLTA members in all of the Caribbean. Also a very popular destination for eco-tourism and diving, Curaçao attracts the adventure traveler as well as those looking to unwind and enjoy the near perfect climate.

Curacao - Living With Style, Tetu

It is important to us that it’s known to the gay & lesbian community that everyone is welcome in Curaçao. Our island offers diverse culture, art galleries, beaches, museums, fine accommodations and exquisite cuisine that are enjoyed by all visitors to the island.” commented the Executive Director of the Curaçao Tourist Board.

Now is a great time to plan a Curaçao getaway with their fantastic deals as part of an island-wide Curaçao Best Deals promotion. So, grab your partner and/or friends and take advantage of either the luxury spa hotel properties or personal villa options; along with some pretty amazing amenity and restaurant options to fit any desires and budgets. I’m not a diver, but for those who are certified, or want to learn, Curaçao has incredible dive spots and multiple locations to take the dive.

Avila Hotel - Living With Style, TetuEven with the multiple options out there, I really like the award-winning Avila Hotel. With their motto being “Make It Your Hotel,” you know you’re going to enjoy your stay at this home away from home. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for a couple’s getaway, or small group of friends and family. The staff makes sure to take care of your every need; providing great food and drink options, exquisite spa, fitness center with a view and a picture-perfect beach and pool to keep you refreshed. Enjoy Curaçao and let us know about your getaway!

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