Fashion Designer Profile: Patrik Ervell

Patrick_ModelOf course, the constant battle remains between the international designers within the highly competitive world of fashion. Like many, I love shopping the local designers and boutiques in the streets of Paris, London and Milan, but also love to show my support to the many fantastic US-based designers in New York. Most of these designers work for years before breaking-out onto the fashion scene, and then hope to have what it takes to compete and survive. I always enjoy learning about the designers who are on the verge of becoming a household name; their creative designs and passion for their work generally allows for some really fantastic collections.

One of these designers who I’ve been watching the past few seasons is Patrick Ervell. This California-raised Swede has a great background story, innovative designs and big plans for the future; making him one to watch!

Patrick Ervell PhotoAfter finishing school at Berkeley studying political science, economics and art history, he decided that he wanted to design clothes. Obviously, this has been a great choice, as his designs are loved by guys like Ryan Gosling and characterized as utilitarian, minimal and elegant by industry experts. After debuting in 2005, Ervell has won numerous prestigious awards and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. His designs can speak to a wide audience with formal, casual and great outwear collections being a major part of his success. Beyond his cutting-edge designs, the clean lines and animated models on his website speak to our generation; creating a brand with a strong future…

Ervell Website