Welcome To “Living With Style”

Hi guys. I am thrilled to begin working with Têtu International, bringing a collection of posts directly to you. With so many exciting events, hotels, destinations, fashion trends and products at our fingertips these days, it’s going to be a wild ride trying to keep up with all the potential stories. I’ll do my best, and look forward to every minute of the ride! To begin, I’ll give you a quick overview of me…

With a dynamic background in public relations, marketing, brand consulting, video production and entertainment media, I have always loved to base my work assignments around the travel and tourism industries. Serving as Senior Account Executive at a PR Firm, I specialize in Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Brand Development for a variety of clients. As you’ll discover, I make every effort to balance this work schedule with my writing, typically based around the things I love most: luxury, yet affordable travel, lifestyle, cooking, fashion, LGBT issues, golf and fitness.

As a monthly editorial contributor, consultant and advisory board member to global travel and lifestyle publications, I remain current with all of the latest travel, tourism and lifestyle trends. Of course, adding Têtu International is exciting because of the rich history Têtu has as being such an iconic publication out of Paris with such a global perspective on what we all love most; not to mention a great editorial team dedicated to the publication’s success. When not working, writing or sleeping, I can usually be found collaborating with various non-profit organizations on their efforts, playing golf, cooking/baking, reading, working out, practicing yoga or planning my next vacation. Other than this, my drink of choice is red wine, I love coffee and I’m a Pisces.

Now that you know more than you wanted to know about me, let’s get started with some posts that will be of interest to you… hotels, restaurants, events, vacation packages, fashion trends, new products and what ever else we all decide to chat about here. Looking forward to having you stay connected with the stories and providing some feedback. Here are a few other ways you can stay connected:

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