Beaux Of The Ball…

As much as I do love being a freelance writer/lad of leisure, there are certain things I feel I’m lacking by not being required to attend any sort of regular workplace – office gossip, pilfering stationery supplies and most importantly the work Christmas party. Granted, I could stage my own such party in the apartment with the cats – we certainly have enough alcohol in the cupboards – but it just doesn’t quite have the same festive vibe to it. Not to mention missing the fun to be had watching the hi-jinks of drunken colleagues.


Fortunately my lovely husband works for a rather large American consultancy firm that certainly knows to how to party. Which is a good thing seeing that they insist on treating their workers like tireless robots that don’t need any sleep or any sort of home life. But I digress, that’s a fairly heated topic for another day.

Where was I? Oh yes the entertainment. All their dinners and varied events are always extremely well catered elegant affairs, with this year’s Christmas soirée being no exception. Held at the Pavillon Vendôme, the theme was Venetian Masquerade Ball. It would be fair to say that we were among the beaux of the ball, receiving many a compliment upon our stylish masks and sharp suits.


Of course we took great delight in going shopping for suitable face coverings before the big night. In our search we happened upon the most charming store Theatr’Hall, containing not only masks but all manner of wonderful items for dressing up – chic canes, pocket watches, capes and top hats to name but a few. Indeed, I fully intend on returning to pick up one or two items that caught my eye.

Anyway, back to the party.  It was a rather tasteful affair with an open bar and a constant stream of tasty treats brought out to tempt us, including those using a more experimental combination – white Truffle macaroons or chocolate coated foie gras lollipops anyone?

I couldn’t even tell you how many glasses of champagne I chugged down. Is it my fault that if you stood in the vicinity of the bar they would automatically top up your glass? It probably didn’t hurt that this also happened to be where the highest concentration of food platters were either. Although it must be said that some of the more delicious offerings were those serving us but sadly they didn’t appear to be for sampling – well not during the party at any rate.

It was also a good opportunity to meet some of my husband’s co-workers who had only heard of me by reputation. All of them ever so eager to discuss the exotic life Australian and very keen to know how I found living in the sacred Hexagon. I do hope that I did nothing to alter their impression of a devoted trophy husband, extremely content to be fortunate enough to enjoy Continental life.


Well I must away, as am currently up in the mountains at Megève and my beloved husband has promised to teach me how to ski. Expect a full report on all my madcap antics in the next post.

Till then eat, drink and be merry…Bonnes Fêtes !!!

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