Top 10 French Pop Songs!

According to London based DJ Bob Chicalors…

Bob Henderson

Frère Jack asked DJ Bob Chicalors to pick out his favourite French songs of all time…

Bob is a London based music journalist, DJ and one of the team behind London’s “global pop” night Voyage Voyage, currently hosted by Vogue Fabrics, a bar in Dalston, London.

Voyage Voyage has a cult following of gay guys and their straight allies who love Eurovision, Swedish pop music, Middle Eastern “hip-shakers” and generally the kind of amazing foreign pop songs that we all love but don’t tend to hear on generic nights out.

So let’s get cracking. Bob! What are your favourite French pop songs?

“Rather than go for Top 10 French songs, like ever, instead I’ve chosen songs in French, and with a cheesey / electro pop bias”

Give the page a minute or two to load the YouTube embeds, and then crank the speakers up – Allons-Y!

“Les Rita Mitsouko” by Marcia Baila

Bob: You can spot the French boys when we play this, they go a bit crazy and a nostalgic haze glazes over their eyes. We don’t know why, but we love playing it.

“Alizee” by Moi Lolita

Bob: A proper cross over hit. We know this because there are about ten copies in charity shops all over North London alone.

“Laissez Moi Danser” by Dalida

Bob: It’s a bit “YMCA”, but Dalida seems to awaken everyone’s inner queen. Drunk gays will explode in dramatic hand gestures and pearls are clasped.

“Je Veux Te Voir” by Yelle

Bob: It’s hard to pick one single Yelle track as we can play pretty much anything and the crowd loves it, so here’s where the love affair began.

“Sans Cri Ni Haine” by Marie-Mai

Bob: A Robyn Cover IN FRENCH. It’s win win for the Voyage DJ policy.

En Apesanteur” by Shy’m

Bob: She stole our heart, new years eve 2012. We got it back this year and gave it to…

“Sur Le Fil” by Jenifer

Bob: If there was any justice in the world, you would hear great pop songs like this in bigger London clubs like G-A-Y. We’ve long since accepted that our world is a cruel hostile one and that our wishes will continue to go ignored.

“Love Song” by Vanessa Paradis

Bob: This is so understatedly amazing, you’d be forgiven for thinking on a first listen that it’s a bit rubbish. You’d be wrong.

“Je Ne Parle Pas Francais” by Girls Aloud

Bob: You know how bad the English are at speaking French? Yeah, that.

and finally…

“Voyage Voyage” by Desireless

Bob: A song so good they named it twice. We named the club night after it, and it’s the one song we always promise to play in one Kate Ryan/Bananarama form or another.

The next Voyage Voyage night is next week on Friday 19th April, in Vogue Fabrics from 10pm until 3am. There’s a Facebook event page here.

Bob will be there so you can say hello, have a dance and maybe a even buy a drink and try your luck with him! You can follow Bob on Twitter @bobchicalors

Frère Jack will also be parting there too! You can follow me as ever @jackcullenuk

What are your favourite French pop songs? What would make your Top 10? Leave a comment below so we can check your songs out and have a boogie!

Top 10 French Songs

2 commentaires

First, I apologize for my english… that being said :

That’s a tough one !
Many different styles in what we call french pop.
I notice there were no male voices in the previous list.
So let’s make up for that :

- Serge Gainsbourg : Couleur Café or the very sexy Je t’aime, moi non plus

- Jean-Jacques Goldman, A nos actes manqués you might like him or not, you grew up listening to his songs !

- Cali, Je crois que je ne t’aime plus :

- Axel Bauer, Cargo de Nuit :

- Laurent Voulzy, Rockcollection –

- Les innocents, L’autre Finistère :

I have to add some women though :
- OK, Rita Mitsouko, Marcia Baila or Andy, obviously
- Axelle Red, Sensualité
- Vanessa Paradis, Marilyn and John in the 80’s !
Or Dès Que J’Te Vois :
- Zazie, Un Point C’est Toi :
- Voyage Voyage

In fact I’m not sure this is my Top 10, there could have been so many other songs, France Gall (Musique), Starmania(quand on arrive en ville), Nolwenn Leroy, Keren Ann, Véronique Sanson, …

Écrit par French guy le 14 avril 2013 à 14:23

The list was clearly made up by someone who has not been in France since 2004, so I have focused on relatively recent stuff:

Out-of-Competition Fauve : just *Everything* because it is just the best new band in the world of 2012-3
Fauve – Kané (as on Kitsuné Parisien III)
Fauve – Nuits Fauves
Fauve – Sainte-Anne
Fauve – 4 000 îles

*. Aline – Je bois et puis je danse :
*. La Femme – Sur la Planche .
*. Granville – Jersey
*. BB Brunes – Coups et Blessures (controversial, I know)
*. Lescop – La Forêt
*. Sexy Sushi – J’aime mon pays
*. Ben Ellis – No title

Bonus French bands in English:
*. The Shoes – Time to Dance
*. Woodkid – I Love You
*. Phoenix – If I Ever Feel Better
*. Kavinsky- Nightcall

PS. Obviously, it is “Moi Lolita” by Alizée, not the reverse!

Écrit par D.R le 15 avril 2013 à 13:21